Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That One Woman

Growing up I had a nemesis. 

I was 13, she was 19. Which didn't make it a fair fight in the least. Yet somehow I would let her say mean things to me. Steal my clothes and make me cry. Ok, I didn't let her make me cry, she just did it out of the meanness in her heart. 

I had yet to find my voice. 

So about this woman, she wore tons of cosmetics, was super thin, had stringy hair that was never brushed. I'm not going to lie when I say that I wanted to be a little older so I could kick the shit out of her face. I couldn't. 

I was 13 and scared. 

She was around for a while since she dated a family member. 
Until she cheated on him, and got herpes. 

After we moved out of the area, contact was lost with this bitch. Until last week.
Thanks Facebook. A whole lot. 

She found me. 

Requested me to be her friend. 

I am glad I never said anything to her back then, because I saved it all for now. 

She is fat, has a bajillion kids and looks like someone who would literally be cast as a witch in a movie, sans makeup. 

Then I remembered that I never needed to say anything to her. 
She has Herpes. I believe that is a form of punishment for torturing young teens like me. 

Have fun with your Herpes, you mean bitch. 

P.S. Believing in God will not make the Herp go away nor will it make me forget the evil shit you did to me. 


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